Sex Tourism in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular Latin American tourists. Dominican Republic, though specifically designed to relax on the beaches – this is no tropical stuffiness, and delightful sandy beaches (fine white sand). It is almost always only shallow and the water temperature in the Caribbean Sea in summer is 27 degrees 28, 25 in winter 26 degrees.

In addition, the Dominican Republic – it is one of the main centers of sex tourism. Therefore, all the hotels in the Dominican Republic is never empty. The most favorable time for the holiday season is starting in December and ending in late April.

Azure expanse of sea, white sand – it’s just advertising “Bounty” in the real world. And the appearance of moths begins at sunset. Meeting a potential client, they are without any unnecessary ceremonies freely ask him: “Do you want me”? And if the answer is yes, then it will cost the client in the 40-60 dollars.

To date, female sex tourism is being actively developed. According to some estimates, about six hundred thousand women who crave male attention, annually reside only in the country, bordering the Caribbean. After all, the men of the Dominican Republic are considered the most “professional” Gigolo worldwide. Sanky pankies (abbreviated simply sanky) – the language of the local slang name means men having a foreign tourist sex.

Tourism is one of the essential parts of the budget of the Dominican Republic, which is why tourists are seeking to provide a maximum variety of amenities. Here, hotels are more numerous than in all the Caribbean. Hotels are located in the Dominican Republic – is often a two-and three-storey bungalows, each of which has a small park. Nearly all hotels, except for a small percentage of work for the well-known system of “all inclusive”. As a rule, included here is a record number of services, even to the different cocktails. Often hotels have at its disposal its own beach.

Increasingly, happens to hear from visitors that they are going to go to a sex tour in the Dominican Republic. For the majority of domestic consumers of sex tourism – is a certain novelty, so do not always understand what is at stake. Thus, the sex tour in the Dominican Republic – it is not a special offer travel agency, just here, on the beaches of liberty, entertainment of a sexual nature is very easily accessible. Although in this country for prostitution and has an official ban, but the material relations of tourists with their fellow citizens the authorities simply turn a blind eye. For the majority of sex tourism in the Dominican Republic looks like an exotic possibility for the masses of new sensations – African-American, Creole, mulatto, the girls are there for every taste. Holidays in the Dominican Republic can be described as free, unfettered, because here everything is calm and relaxed. Many residents of this country perceive sex as a kind of business, bringing a good foreign exchange earnings.

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